Recycling Thieves soap bottles


Recently I have been finding the empty Thieves dish soap bottle pretty useful! Here is what I have been repurposing it for:
1. I tend to spill or over pour when I pour from my large 1.8 litres Thieves household cleaner bottle… whether is it into a bucket of water for mopping, into smaller bottles when I make my “stubborn stain remover”, my “dirty surfaces cleaner” and my “extra boost dish soap”. Uurgh that large opening!
So pouring some THC into my empty Thieves dish soap bottle solves the problem! With a nifty squirt top, I can simply squirt into the pail, into smaller bottles etc and no spillage! Waste not, want not!
2. I also use this empty bottle for making my hand wash and bottle wash. Some YL Bath Gel, 20 drops of the eo of my choice and top up with water. Squirt, rub, rinse. Done!
3. I have heard of others using this hack to STRETCH their Thieves soap to save some MONEY. Simply take a new bottle of Thieves dish soap and split into one-thirds, into 3 empty TDS bottles. Add some baking soda for the suds, top up with water and you are good to go!
I personally haven’t try this hack yet though! Did anyone find this good?
Do you reuse your empty Thieves dish soap bottles or any other Thieves household bottles? I would love to hear!
Fellow users said:
“Love #1!! I use my TDS bottle for toilet cleaner. It’s so versatile! – Jelyn”
“I use it to water my plants 😂😂 – Elita”
“Hair condition hack. 1/3 of YL hair conditioner + 2/3 water and VOILA❣️ Savings + soft hair 🥰 – Christina”
“I add baking soda to my TDS and do not have to shake as each use. But I used warm water for dilution. So perhaps you want to give it a try – TwinkLing KAiting”

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