One Voice


Young Living Founders D. Gary Young, Mary Young, and family, carefully selected for their symbolic significance and aromatic properties. 


One Voice contains the inspiring scent of Highest Potential™; the invigorating aroma of Clarity™; the grounding notes of Sacred Sandalwood™, Sacred Frankincense™, and Helichrysum; the fresh, woodsy notes of Idaho Grand Fir and Idaho Blue Spruce; and the floral aroma of Ylang Ylang. 

Complex bouquet of exquisite floral and grounding woodsy essential oils


Highly encourage to use this oil when reflecting on your own journey of personal growth and allow yourself to be a voice for good.


Features & Benefits:

  • Use while you are working on owning and empowering your inner voice
  • The encouraging aroma supports you in speaking your own truth and using your voice to help those in need
  • Enjoy the aroma to evoke the feelings of belief, faith, self-confidence, and courage

Contributed by Claryn Neo

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