Be gentler with ourselves with Hyssop


Ah, the circus of life. I play the juggling act of managing the children, chores, a business and setting aside time for spouse, friends and self. Psst… Sometimes, all I want to do is to spend my time reading or having tea with friends! And here comes the guilt – because I just want to throw the kids to someone else! I feel lousy whenever I entertain such thought!

Taking time out for self seems like a no-brainer but I struggle constantly. I am often reminded of the belief that women of the past managed everything by themselves without any help. If they could do it, so can I. Yeah, crazy, right? I am working towards to be a superwoman. Another belief that I am so hooked on, having children means sacrificing self. After all, we make the choice to have kids!

Since last year, I have been increasing my time away from the boys (me-time, hanging out with friends, essential oil related activities). However mommy’s guilt is still lingering especially during those times when I plonk them with the hubby and do what I want to do despite protests (read: burnt out). I just could not get the guilt out of my system.

Okay, all I need and want is just some “me-time” to balance out the daily grind.

Time away is rejuvenating and I return to the family recharged. Determined to be the old me who absolutely love being in the moment, I decide to seek out essential oils to meditate to be at peace and dispel the guilt that is gnawing at me.

This Young Living essential oil came up in my search, Hyssop. I have a bottle of it that was used sporadically to support healthy lung function. And that was it.

A further reading into Hyssop reveals that it was used as a cleansing herb in ancient times by the Egyptians and Hebrews. It can be used to clear space before a meditation, prayer or healing. Interestingly, when I sniffed the essential oil, it reminds me of incense with its woody scent. Definitely not a favourite. Okay, the saying goes, if you dislike it, you need it.

Hyssop is used to support the spiritual and emotional being. It releases guilt which in turn expands lung energy. An a-ha moment as I relate it to respiratory support. This oil teaches us to be gentler with ourselves, to let go of internal struggles and achieve self-acceptance. It is purifying and supports our spiritual journey.

I have learnt that rubbing Hyssop oil on the shoulders helps to reduce the tensions of emotional burdens that we carry. I have been diligent with the rubbing! In addition, I kick off a daily 10-minute meditation to bring about inner peace. And, that’s right, Hyssop is the go-to oil before meditation by dripping a few drops into a spray bottle of water and spritzing the room.
These are early days using Hyssop. However, I am growing to love it. You got to try it!
Contributed by Irene Koh

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