Palo Santo and Zyto


Recently I was unboxing my April Essential Rewards order from Young Living and I JUST have to chuckle. The photo below shows PART of my monthly order.
I have shared quite a bit recently about using Palo Santo (together with White Angelica) every day to keep myself in a good space. Together with Grounding, these oils makes sure that I start my day happily, be my best self for my family and my team, and goes to bed with peace and contentment in my heart at night.
All those self care routines + oils must have worked because recently I scanned myself on the Zyto and got back the best health report I have ever gotten (2nd photo). Yahoo!
On an average day, my bio markers in range (healthy) and out of range (unhealthy) is usually about half half (3rd photo).
In times of stress and unhappiness, it goes really pear shaped… like 1/4 in range and 3/4 out of range. Plus the Zyto service I have gotten, measures the health of each organ, each emotion, my lifestyle choices (eg diet, EMF exposure, pollution, etc). Goes to show how much our emotions and stress is linked to our health!
I’ve gotten Parsley in my latest order because it has shown up as one of the main recommended products on my latest scan. A quick Google would also give information on the health benefits of Parsley. I take 10 drops Parsley in a capsule every day.
I think that these times, more so than ever, we all do need to take care of our health, don’t you agree?

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