What is the Locus Coeruleus??


the Locus Coeruleus!
What is that??? I recently stumbled on Pamela Hunter’s very precious sharing from Gary Young’s teachings and she mentioned this very interesting spot briefly.
Affectionately also known as the “LC notch”, the locus coeruleus is also the central circuit in the brain, attached to the brain stem and goes into the spinal cord as well. The LC notch is also the switchboard for where the nerves are attached, to be carried to where they need to go.
I have listed some references below if you want more details on the widespread impact the LC notch has and the list is pretty extensive. In short, if you want to work on:
1. stress
2. trauma
3. anxiety
4. emotions
5. focus
6. attention span
7. short term and long term memory
8. motivation
9. decision making
10. posture and balance
11. regulating sleep-wake cycle
THIS is the spot that you want to oil.
Covered by hair and you wonder on the efficacy? Gary also taught that our hair is our best diffuser and the areas where you have more hair (e.g. your head) would mean that there are many more hair follicles that will transport the oils into wherever they need to go. 🙂

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