These past several weeks I have been consciously practising ease. What does that look like?

It usually start with a situation that I know I will struggle with, if i have to go at it alone. Then I ask myself this question, “What will make it EASIER for me?”

It can be simple things like asking my hubs for help whenever I need, like packing and sending stuff off for our teams. Or even asking him to come down to help me carry heavy things up.
It could be asking for opinions from people I trust or people who has more experience in a specific area or even pulling out past work to leverage on instead of starting from scratch, when it comes to me needing to create new content for workshops or events.
Perhaps you might laugh when you read the above, but oh GAWD, I realised that I was really stubborn on how things get done. It MUST be done in my way SPECIFICALLY.
I used to think that it’s because I have high standards and that I know best. Now when I look back, I chuckled and say, “Eh Faith ah, this is your EGO talking. And look at where it landed you. More work to do, it’s more hardgoing and worst, you are resentful and unhappy!”
Ego is telling me that –
if I show that I work hard,
if I struggle,
if I take the longer, harder route then
I am worthy.

Practising ease teaches me to
– embrace the varied and rich viewpoints of others as companions to my own
– ask for help when I need (what’s the harm of asking for help anyway?)
– be aware of my own limitations and take time out for self care
– pause when my inner child cries for attention
– realise that it’s important to have fun too along the way
– do my best and surrender the rest to God
So often I am so convinced that my thoughts is the truth and the reality of what I am seeing and experiencing. But when I struggle, am demotivated, discouraged, and didn’t get the results I wanted, I used to think that it’s the world. It’s other people.

๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹ Now I understand. It is myself that needed to shift.
I like the Believe blend to help me to install new beliefs that is supportive of my life and what I desire. I combined this with Neuro Linguistic Programming where there is an exercise to retire the old belief and breathe in the new:
1. First pull out the belief that you are noticing that has been causing stress / tension / frustration / unhappiness in your life.
2. You might go, “But it is that person!” “Because the company is like that.” You want to focus back on yourself (because that’s where we have the most creative control over and not others) and ask, what is the belief that is creating this opinion that has created that frustration in my life?
3. Thank your current belief. Perhaps this belief has serve you well in the past. But now, based on what you have experienced, it’s time to look for a new belief. Visualise a chest of drawers. Pull out a drawer and put this belief inside. Know that whenever you need this belief, you can always pull it out and reinstall back into you.
4. What new belief would you want to embrace? Take out your Believe oil, and apply it everywhere while holding on to this belief. We are what we think. And so, it is so important for us to be picky with our thoughts ya? I like Believe over my heart, on my temples, and on the top of my head. Inhale deeply.
5. The next few days as you go about in your life, consciously look for evidence to support your new belief! This helps to strengthen you in living and breathing this belief until it becomes a natural part of you. For example, if I update my belief from “I cannot trust others, only myself.” to “Everyone is loving and I can choose to trust them.”, I would like to keep observing and looking for such occurrences in my life to strengthen my new belief.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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