The Abundance blend is really, your little bottle of Law of Attraction. And not just for attracting prosperity.
Even if we want more money, then what makes the difference between having more and having less, would really be our thoughts, first and foremost.
Many people thinks that it is our actions (like you need to work HARDER) to get in more money, but I am here to tell you that nope, it is your thoughts first that determine what actions you are taking and most importantly, your inner state that you are riding on to carry out those actions. Creating that tiny reflective pause between a thought to an action would be super valuable in my opinion.
What we think, we become. So this is a daily exercise I do with Abundance to pull in more of the qualities I want for myself. Thank you Ame De Lumiere for teaching me this!
1. I dripped out 3 to 5 drops of Abundance on my palm and rub on my solar plexus. Location: that’s the upper tummy, just under your chest.
2. Two months ago, I have been having a lack of faith (the irony!) in my abilities in my business. I put my right palm over my solar plexus and imagine golden light entering into my SP then swirling in circles.
3. If you try this exercise, notice how your mind visualise the direction of the circles. Anticlockwise – to clear past unsupportive programming / beliefs / thoughts. Clockwise – To install new thoughts and beliefs that support you in what you want.
I’ve found this exercise best done daily! Ya lah, nothing is a one shot especially when it comes to our thoughts. I’ve also used this to install wisdom, clarity, confidence, trust. Give it a try!

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