Keep the Spirits away


When I was in my 20s and was on a break between jobs, I had this strange encounter. I was having lunch when this old man sat besides me and started talking about my fortune and future. He spoke of many things, and one of the things he pointed out was that I had this xiao ren (English: malevolent spirit) following me and causing mischief and havoc in my life.
This was during the time when I was at a low point in my life. It feels that nothing was going well in my career and my relationship then was not at its best. So understandably my ears perked up and I paid attention to what he said. He offered to do some rites for me to help chase away the spirit. Thereafter, my relationship improved and my career began to take off.
20 years later, this year, I became certified in Reiki Level 2 thanks to Fiona Koh, my Reiki teacher. One of the most fascinating things I’ve learnt was a protection symbol, meant to raise the vibration of whatever I am focusing on, so that its vibration is above mischief, malice, sabotage, havoc. It could be a person or even my home, my belongings, or the environment.
Now I’m not as sensitive to spirits but my dad, sis and my kids are. So when Fen Chua shared this recipe about this Aura Protection Spray, I thought well, what a perfect time especially now it’s the period of the Hungry Ghosts Festival where spirits roam among us.
Recipe on the second graphic. You can use clear quartz to amplify your spritz or not at all. Whatever floats your boat! Spritz generously on yourself and family before heading out and when you come back.
Incidentally do you know that our bodies also have varying frequencies (vibrations)? Stress is one of those that can lower our frequency and compromise our immunity too. So even if you are not believing in the other realms, consider using this recipe to raise your vibration too especially if you are feeling down or burdened in your heart because of toxic or stressful environments at home or work.
Or just spritz away because you do deserve that lil more loving!

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