Thieves Toothpaste – No Cavities!


When I’ve tuned into Cherie Ross’s recent sharing for YL Philippines and heard this, my mind went, “Oh my, this is why my teeth stopped having cavities and plaque when I switched to this!” My dentist had also asked me to drop my dental visits from every 6 months to every year after I’ve been on Thieves toothpaste.

“AromaBright also have these microscopic little pods in it (called liposomes), made up of vitamin B5. And oils are locked in stasis and then they are time-released. So literally for 6 hours after you use the Aromabright, you have got our oils microscopically being released into your mouth for 6 hours.

Can you imagine for 6 hours after you simply brush your teeth, you have essential oils doing little micro bursts into your mouth of mighty protection?”

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