Primary School Balloting


Around this time, every year, there is a special breed of parents that would suddenly be STRESSED and OBSESSED over primary schools. Who pray tell are these parents?
Welcome to Singapore’s yearly phenomenon of Primary School Balloting where many parents sweat bullets over whether their kids can get into the school of their choice (well not the kids’s choice, the parents’ choice 😛).
For the lucky ones who got early access like in phase 2A or 2B, go away, this post is not for you. 😛 😛
It gets especially stressful when kiddo is born in a popular year. Where the usually tame birth rate in Singapore suddenly shoots up and everyone suddenly wonders whether there is enough schools to go round. Or if their kid is destined to wake up at 5 am and go to a far away school for the next 6 years just because the one nearby got filled up already.
Hands up if you have a Dragon year baby?
Or you have a little SG50 baby?
(For some reason I hit double jackpot cos my kids are in BOTH.) 😕
So here’s a testimonial shared by one of our peeps on her experience last year! Give you hope and don’t forget to keep oiling!
“So we made a sudden decision to switch our choice of school. We knew that B has a high chance of getting into our first choice but after speaking to both schools, I felt that the second choice was suited to my daughter’s personality and outlook.
On that day of balloting, my hubs called me in a panic. The available slots were going down rapidly and B’s number wasn’t called.
I instructed him to apply Abundance on himself and pray that one opens up for her. And within 3 numbers, B was selected!! My hubs could not believe it!”
So because this year starts the new system of ONLINE BALLOTING, we have folks who ask how to apply Abundance for it. Well… you could diffuse it or apply it on yourself, over your heart and forehead, and inhale. And remember to FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT.

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