Reminder to take Supplements!


Recently I’ve been wanting to do better with regulating my supplements. That means taking them on time instead of going, “Waaaah I forgot to take again!”
So when YL SG this month came up again with this exclusive ER promo where you get this supplement organiser with 3 bottles of Inner Defense (look for Immune Support set in the SG vo), I jumped on it.
I like gadgets. I like reading instructions. So when I first opened it and read the instructions, I must say that I’m quite impressed with how smart this gadget is.
You can set up to 4 alarms, for the 4 different supplement compartments. And you can set those alarms as recurring too rather than having to set them again and again.
This is superb for me as I want to be really intentional especially on taking my enzymes during meals. And yes while some of you could suggest setting the same alarms with my mobile phone, I kind of want everything in the same place. Plus I tend to switch off alarms on my phone and forgetting to follow up with the actions!

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