Repurpose and Recycle Hack


Space. Don’t we all love to have more of it. More space in the bag. More space in the house.
Alright here’s some tips on repurposing and recycling your YL products!
1. Lavender lip balm makes a great carrier oil stick! Also handy when your new shoes pinch you and you want to soothe those blisters.
2. Knowing what SINGLES are in your blends and repurposing them for other usages.
For eg:
M-Grain is great for a tender Achilles tendon
Clarity for sore legs
Tranquil when you run out of Lavender
OrthoEase and OrthoSports as a diluted blend for breathing clearly
Sensation massage oil for a child’s confidence
And the list goes on and on…
3. Don’t throw away your the pumps after you have finished your YL massage oils! These are a perfect fit too for the YL shampoo, bath gel and conditioner. Same goes for those lovely Thieves foaming hand soap bottles. You can always DIY your own hand wash and body soap since those foaming pump bottles can make a little go a long way + save money.

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