Emotions Inside Out


Life is like an onion. The more I think I have work through my stuff, my issues, the more there is to unfold. There are days where I feel like I’m beating my head against the wall and at a dead end. And so often, I don’t even realise I’m stuck in a repeated loop until I take time to oil, to journal, to reflect.
Here are some creative ways to use your emotional oils:
1. Joy – I often diffuse it or apply it on my head and chest. Recently i learn it that applying round the navel helps for emotions too.
2. Feelings Kit – Use it like the raindrop technique but dilute down with carrier oil. Crazy amazing for emotional release. Remember to drink lots of water and if too much emotional releasing, soak in epsom salt bath water with no oils.
3. All oils in Oola 7 or the Freedom Release kit – You can make an emotional roller with all the oils in the Oola 7 set or Freedom Release kit. Just add 7-10 drops of each. Dilute as needed.

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