Hair Hacks


You want to tame flyaway hair? Tone down a brassy colour? Style your hair without the yuck? Alright let’s release the hair hacks! As usual, these hacks are contributed by lovely FB land peeps so try them at your discretion!
1. Hair gel – Try Animal Scent Ointment or Rose Ointment or Thieves hand purifier.
2. Clean up greasy roots at night – Harmony blend has Petigrain and Palmarosa in it. If you use it the night before, you might not need any shampoo the next morning, plus you smell fantastic. 😉
3. Tame flyaway hair – Any YL massage oil, Mirah hair oil, Mirah shave oil, Lime Body Butter
4. Tone down that yellow in your hair – The blond highlights in your hair looks too yellow? Tone it down with Blue Tansy in your conditioner!
5. Shave your legs with Copaiba hair conditioner. As it is thick and buttery, it’ll help glide and make a smooth shave.
6. Hair Detangler – Lavaderm, Seedlings linen spray, Thieves household cleaner at standard dilution.
7. Protect your hair ends with Mirah hair oil before you curl or straighten your hair to protect them.
8. Thieves Dish Soap – As an amazing shampoo for colored hair, AND as a substitute for ANY recipe that calls for castile soap!

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