Staying Focused


Work planning in progress!
With a 5 year old running around and wanting to hang out with mama, I like these oils for:
1. Gathering – I can’t usually focus very well when my kids are in my study room cos you know, “Mommy… mommy… mommy..!” So Gathering helps me with my fractured thoughts, and getting grounded and connected to what I want to do. #thesekids
2. Into The Future – Sometimes I’m real hung up on the past and my past failures discourages me from moving forward. So this blend helps me to keep going on, keep believing in myself too.
3. Envision – Sometimes I think, “Why not settle for less?” That’s really my fears talking, keeping me hiding under a rock. Envision is my support team where it helps me to renew my faith in my future and carrying on. #youngliving #workhacks #productivityhacks
I also have little #pixiu and #citrine helps me to gather abundance while I work!

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