Aroma Ring


Hahah I am SO CHUFFED when my convention orders have arrived! This is the one that I am most excited about because:
1. I can’t breathe very well in my mask and putting oils on my mask only last for under an hour. These rings last for 6 hours! Best is that I can reload them with other oils when the initial Lavender wears off.
2. My kids are now back in school and I’m often worried that they struggle to breathe with ease too. My son can’t breathe easily with cloth masks. And my daughter sometimes sniff in the morning. Mama is gonna pounce on them and ask them to try these rings!
The AromaRing is super comfortable… I can’t really feel it much in my nose though I am reminded of it cos of the Lavender discreetly streaming into my nose now. Yes my very own personal nose diffuser.
It is also super discreet even when I am not wearing a mask. Here’s me taking 4 selfies to show you how tiny the ring is and how UNNOTICEABLE it is! Hahaha. I shall inhale deeply and chill when my kids next go “Mommy, mommy, mommy!”
On a serious note, there’s been research articles on adverse health effects when wearing masks for prolonged periods of time including oxygen level drop in the body, sluggishness, changes in mental states and compromise to cellular health. I am worried about these so thats also why I’m really thankful my rings are here.
Did you get your Aroma Ring? How do you find it?

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