Too heaty!


See that red patch on my cheek? Yup that’s my face doing its early alarm warning of “Faith, you’ve been taking too much kopi and teh with your meals. Scale back scale back!”
Two weeks of kopi or teh (coffee and tea) daily, will START to give me rough uneven skin. I dare you to zoom into my face to see the troubled spots at my cheeks and chin. 🤨🤨 Every body is different so it’s so important to observe what gets your body to SING and to SINK.
I’ve also been remiss on my Essentialzymes4 and Life 9 too thanks to the 2 weeks of non stop activities. The irregularity makes its presence felt too with more bloat and lesser 💩💩.
Do you know a healthy digestive system gets you to eliminate after every meal? If you poop less often than that, that’s a higher chance of the yucks in your stools backflow into your tums too. Ewww who wants that?

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