Which enzymes work better for me?


I used to be confused over what enzymes to take for myself and my kids. Thanks to the ever awesome KerYew Ng, these graphics are great in clearing up my confusion!
I’m now on Life 9 (probiotics), Essentialzymes4 and Detoxzymes daily while the kids are on Mightyzymes and MightyPro (probiotics). Jonathan Teo takes MightyPro cos wahha capsule swallowing ain’t his thing. ๐Ÿ˜
Remember my ever youthful mom who doesn’t look 71? She’s on Essentialzymes and Life 9 cos admittedly her tums can be sensitive to certain food.
I find that when my gut is doing well, I’ve more energy and mental clarity too. Do you know that as we age, the enzymes in our gut decrease as well? That’s also why sometimes one may suddenly experience allergic reactions to certain food or the tums doesn’t do well digesting them. Especially dairy, and sometimes I’ve heard seafood comes up on the list too.
And with the kids loving their McDonald’s and snacks, gosh definitely need those probiotics and enzymes for them too! Upside is also that I can see that my kids are active, mentally alert and agile too. Yay!
For reference pages to the enzymes, see photos from the Essential Oil Desk Reference here:
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