Before embarking on a Master Cleanse


A bunch of us are going on the Master Cleanse! And so since this is the very first cleanse in my life, I’m excited but also nervous.

Would I get headaches? Nausea? Constantly hungry? Psst… the toilet bowl will be a source of scrutiny and curiosity for me for the next 2 weeks!
Currently Jonathan Teo and I are in precleanse stage, only eating vegetables, whole grains, fruits and nuts. This will help us ease into the 10 days of Master Cleanse on Monday where it’s just drinking water mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.
This cleanse is supposed to help the body to break down years of gunk within and with the help of laxative tea, to pass them out. When the body has a chance to clear this up, it’s able to self heal too.

Many folks have gone on the cleanse for reasons ranging from cancer, HIV, skin and gut issues, muscle and bone pain, weight loss, ulcers, as a means to optimise health after v@cc, and the list goes on. And so it’s a cleanse for ANYONE who wants transformative wellness!
Some have reported to see worms, parasites when they poo and gosh I’ve heard of stories that sometimes the elimination can really stink because well…. YEARS BABY, YEARS.

I think the toilet will be my second home soon enough. 🤪
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