No strings attached! Diffuse anytime anyplace with the Aroma Globe


If you love WIRELESS and PORTABLE diffusers like I do, then consider getting the Aroma Globe! It’s such a cute lil fella and so handy for places that you can’t access a plug outlet too – think toilets, some parts of the kitchen, walkways. And it’s super travel friendly too! 


Here’s the features you wanna know: 


  • Portable & wireless 
  • Rechargeable with Type C USB 
  • 6 hrs to fully charge 
  • 4 hrs working battery 


Diffuser Specs 


  • 30sqm coverage 
  • 2hrs & 8hrs High Diffusion 
  • 12hrs Intermittent Diffusion (5mins) 
  • 150ml Water reservoir 
  • Warm light (work as night light without diffusion too) 

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