Xiang Mao

Lemongrass makes me think of a nice, long massage.

Xiang Mao (also called Red Lemongrass) is used for its calming aroma and to create a tranquil environment. Distilled from the Xiang Mao grass that is grown on the mountain slopes by the Paiwan aboriginal tribe in southeastern Taiwan, thus it’s name. This budget-friendly EO is traditionally used to freshen household air, enlighten the mind, and moisten the skin – add to your moisturiser to smooth dry knees and elbows.

Like its cousin, the usual Lemongrass, it’s highly anti nasties and also address any imbalance or discomfort in our tummies. Useful to fight inflammation, improve circulation and lymphatic flow, it is an EO that can be diffused, applied diluted to skin or ingested in a capsule.

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