An all rounder 10 minutes technique to boost your body, mind and soul


Raindrop Technique is a unique and powerful massage therapy that uses essential oils feathering technique onto the spinal column for immune system support.

Benefits of the Raindrop Technique:

  1. Promotes relaxation & reduce stress
  2. Strengthen immune system and promotes overall wellness
  3. Reduce inflammation
  4. Increased blood and lymphatic circulation
  5. Ease muscle discomfort after physical exertion
  6. As a form of emotional and physical detox

Sequence of Essential Oils in Raindrop Technique. You can choose to apply on spine or soles.

  • Valor : Aligns and balances the body. Valor is also known as “Chiro in a Bottle”
  • Oregano : Cleanses body & combat free radicals
  • Thyme : Aids mental & physical recovery
  • Basil : Muscle relaxer & reduces inflammation
  • Cypress : Increased circulation & reduces swelling
  • Wintergreen : Relieves achy joints & bones
  • Marjoram : Relaxes stressed muscles & soothes nerves
  • Aroma Siez : Muscle recovery circulation & detoxify lymph system
  • Peppermint : Amplifies effect of oils in the body


  1. You can add oils of your choice after Basil, before continuing to the next oil in the sequence.
  2. Before starting the Raindrop Massage for the receiver, please apply some White Angelica on your shoulders as a form of protection as sometimes unwanted energies may transfer from receiver to giver during the session. 

Want to learn more about Raindrop and its complementary modality – Neuro Auricular Technique? Here’s the Zoom recording

Boost your body, mind and soul, get it today!

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