This was something that I have learnt recently through various IG creators. Wherever you experience stiffness, tension or pain in your body, reach out and give a gentle massage. Gently prod with your fingers and observe your thoughts and emotions as you work through the tension.
What thoughts and perhaps memories come to your mind? You may be surprised to feel emotions rising up… tears, anger, stress, etc. You can also use this as a mindfulness practice throughout the day too. Besides the oils that help with stiffness and pain, I also like to apply Release too on these areas as well as per what Cherie Ross taught.
Release helps us to release the conditioned beliefs, the misaligned thoughts to our wellbeing that creates these spots in our bodies. Sometimes it could be of our own doing… sometimes it could be a generational wound or burden that our families carries that has passed down to us. You heard of hereditary illnesses that passed through the generations of a family? That is one such example. It’s likely that it’s not purely physical in its cause; most conditions and illnesses have emotional causes first and foremost.

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