Sandalwood and Wisdom


When asked by One Drop on what’s my oil for 2021, I wrote this and thought I’ll share here too. For One Drop members, please check out One Drop Private too for other leaders’ sharings on their oils of the year!
“This year I have given myself permission to use Sandalwood. Have you ever gone WOW! And I MUST HAVE MORE OF IT!
Well that is Sandalwood for me. Sandalwood has a special significance for me, as old as my son. When my son was born in 2015, he was born very sickly and diagnosed with failure to thrive. In one of the countless times when I had to stay up at night and oil him and nurse him, I was advised to use Sandalwood for his breathing. This was the time that I was feeling depressed and anxious over his health; time stopped and nothing matter except that Sol has to get better.
When I apply Sandalwood on my baby then, the scent pervaded my senses and I was deeply comforted by it. Somehow deep inside me, deep faith rose. I knew then that everything will be ok and God will heal Sol. It was 2 days later that Sol significantly got better and life slowly resume its normal.
I find that Sandalwood is the oil to use whenever I wanted to call up deep wisdom for my life and anchored it to the season I’m in. It is extremely protective and grounding and calls forth the faith to have wisdom in God or the Universe that everything will be ok.”

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