No Words


And for once I’m lost for words. The heaviness in my head. I’m not looking forward when it takes residence in my heart. So here’s the Great Day Protocol. For myself. And for my loved ones.
Valor – on the bottoms of the feet, and hold the bottoms of the feet (right hand on the bottom of the right foot, left hand on the bottom of the left foot) (or a single drop on one wrist and hold the other wrist to it for a few moments) to balance the entire system.
Harmony – a single drop, over the solar plexus area (above the belly button).
Joy – a single drop, over the heart
White Angelica – a single drop in one hand, rub hands together, and brush over (lightly touching) the head, face, chest, shoulders, down the body, right over the clothes, as though applying an angelic shield.
Thank you Vicki Opfer for sharing Gary Young’s wisdom. #youngliving #essentialoils #greatday #whatliftsyou #speaklife #selfcare

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