Peppermint Plus


So people often asked, “What’s the difference between Peppermint in the white and the green bottle?” The contents inside is the same, they are labeled differently to adhere to the regulations of the country.

Peppermint Plus by Young Living is a versatile oil and labeled as a food flavouring oil. It’s wonderful for baked goods, beverages, and even entrees. Just like her sister, Peppermint (green bottle), Peppermint Plus can also refresh you and cool you down, comfort your tummy when you need that extra aid.  You can add to your drinking water during workouts, to your tea or to Ningxia Red. Flavour your coffee or chocolate for that extra kick! I also love blending frozen watermelon and adding a drop of it, ooohh mmmmmm, so yums! 

Here’s how you can make Peppermint Tea too:

Take your favourite tea bag and add it to your drinking mug (try to use glass materials, no plastic/wooden cups please). I like to drink rooibos tea during daytime or chamomile tea in the evening (all are decaf). Add a drop of Peppermint Plus or Peppermint essential oil into the tea bag. Pour hot water into the mug. Steep the tea bag with the EO for 1-2 mins, lift the tea bag and toss and enjoy your tea! This is wonderful for an unsettled stomach too. 

Easy Dark Chocolate Peppermint with Nuts

I love dark chocolate bar! Usually I’ll just get store bought dark chocolate bar with more than 60% cacao 


  1. Dark Chocolate Bar 60% 
  2. Nuts (Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, etc)
  3. Baking Paper 
  4. Peppermint Plus
  5. Air fryer or baking oven 


  • Break the chocolate bar into small pieces, you can chop it or just break with your hands so that it will be easy to melt. 
  • Also chop or break the nuts as well into the small pieces for an easy bite.
  • Prepare the baking paper according to the size of your airfryer or baking oven tray.. 
  • Place the baking paper onto the tray, and start to spread the chocolate on top of the baking paper, spread it evenly. To make it melt easily.
  • Place the tray in airfryer and  heat up 160-180c for 5-10 mins (depends on the thickness of the chocolate that you’ve chopped) or until it melts and it’s easy to stir.
  • Once the chocolate melt and becomes slightly a thick liquid and easy to stir, pour 1-2 drops of Peppermint Plus, mix the oils and  chocolate and start to sprinkle the nuts on top of the chocolate.
  • Let it cool down in room temp before putting it inside the fridge to harden the chocolate. 
  • Enjoy!

You can order this through your Young Living Brand Partner account. Don’t have one? I can help!

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